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San Diego County Fair

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Thank you San Diego! See you again in 2024.

Out at the Fair®

We are excited to be back on the 1st Saturday of the San Diego County Fair!


Date: 06.10.2023


Time: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Location: San Diego County Fair

Cost: Included with General Admission Ticket


Tickets: BUY HERE!

Carnival Booths


Enter to win 1 time for a chance to win every week! We will pick three lucky winners weekly for a family four-pack. 

Out at the Fair®

We are excited to be back on the 1st Saturday of the San Diego County Fair!


Date: 06.10.2023


Time: 11AM - 6PM


Location: San Diego County Fair

Cost: Included with General Admission Ticket


Tickets: BUY HERE!

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Talent Line Up

Some Incredible talent for 2023, take a look at what we have in store.

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Join us at the Paddock Stage starting at 11am!

11:00 am - Welcome - Emcees Pauly & Monks and Landa Plenty

11:30 am - Teddy Martin 

12:15 pm - Cheer San Diego Extreme

1:00 pm - OATF Story Time w/ Landa Plenty

1:15 pm - Cervantes Band

2:30 pm - Derek Jameson 

3:15 pm - OATF Family Fit w/ Landa Plenty

3:30 pm - Lucy & La Mer 








4:30pm - The Glam Show 

Emcee: Alexander Rodriguez 

With San Diego Kings Club, J Lau Farrow-Halston, Victoria Elvatto, Landa Plenty, LUXE the Drag Queen, and Katalina De Isla. 

Group Photo 2023! (show closing)

Audience Laughing


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Location: Turf Club | Time: 7pm | Cost: Free | 18+

Teddy Martin

Teddy Martin is an Ohio born Pop Rap Artist. His influences include Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Biggie Smalls. His sound is a blend of pop, hip hop, dance, and old school R&B. His goal is to reach all walks of life with his universal sound.

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Cheer San Diego Extreme

Cheer San Diego Extreme was formed in 2016 as an athletic and performing cheerleading team. As a volunteer-based 501C3 non-profit organization, we use our athletic cheerleading and dance abilities to raise awareness, funds and spirits for those living with life threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and Cancer.

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Cervantes Band

Elizabeth named her band Cervantes in memory of her father who always supported her pursuit of music. It has been a long road forming this band, and each of these musicians has been a blessing in my life. God has his way of working, and as long as each of us stays focused, we'll go a long way.

We are Cervantes and we hope to see you soon!

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Derek Jameson

Derek Jameson is a singer/songwriter and dance artist based out of Los Angeles, C.A.. He got his start in entertainment when he was 15 years old in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jameson's career began in live stage shows at Paramount's Great America and various productions being filmed in northern California.

Derek's music combines his love for piano with upbeat house music. Jameson has written songs for producer DJ's Morgan Page, Bijou, Matroda, singer Kaleena Zanders, and worked with songwriter to the stars Jessica Hoover. Jameson's music spans cultures and has even taken his show on tour in asia. His music has been featured in film and television and he continues to create music for the awakening soul.

Jameson's latest album release 'Ceremony' (2022) is an infectiously addicting collection of songs written about reclaiming our power and turning pain into purpose. 'Ceremony' takes us on a complete journey of orchestral sound all the way to the driving rhythm of today's hit dance music.

Along with creating music, Jameson's connection to the spirit world has allowed him to guide people into their own past lives and connections to their ancestors. He has taken his ability of channeling energy and continues to teach people how to awaken it within themselves through teaching and music alike.

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Lucy & La Mer

Lucy LaForge, the artist behind the name “Lucy & La Mer”, is known for her upbeat and optimistic songs, as well as for her mental health advocacy within the LGBTQ community. Coming out in an interview in 2018, Billboard stated that the singer is “proud of who and what she is.”

Lucy’s music has been featured by The LA Times, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, EARMILK, Billboard Pride, Pride and many more publications. Her music is a blend of pop empowerment with americana influences.
Often seen performing with a baritone ukulele, Lucy was chosen to feature the new Billie Eilish Ukulele by Fender in Summer 2020. The singer has also collaborated with major brands like IKEA, HP, Guitar Center, and Kala Ukuleles. Her music can be heard on international commercials, with companies such as Disney and Dove using her upbeat tunes in advertisements.

Lucy & La Mer’s new single “Don’t It Feel Good” embodies the artist’s message of self-acceptance and positivity. Her authentic videos spread the message of inclusion and equality, and her catchy tunes continue to reach new listeners every day. You can learn more about her songwriting journey as an LGBTQ+ artist in her new TED Talk, and by following the artist online.

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Community Partners:

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